Ottawa Driveway Experts is a family run business focused on service and quality.

Our good reputation is paramount, and we will do whatever is required to make sure it stays that way.

Our services extend to repairs and patching, resurfacing, and installing new pavement for private driveways, new residential developments and commercial parking lots as well as providing follow up protective seal coating and Crack Filling services.

When looking for top quality service, fair and competitive pricing and guaranteed satisfaction, you will find it here first
Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best and most trusted paving contractor in the Ottawa Valley.

We are further committed to our customers by staying abreast of new techniques, equipment, and products. This allows us to develop custom-made solutions that are specific to our customer’s situation.

We Focus On:

We help you schedule routine maintenance so you avoid last minute emergencies and unbudgeted expenses.

We catch defects and correct them when the repairs are most economical.

We ensure that nothing falls through the cracks so you receive the best possible service.

We take the time to do it right the first time, so you enjoy peace of mind. All work supervised by the owner.

We help provide information so you can better make well-informed decisions.