Specializing in Ottawa driveway paving and parking lot paving

At Ottawa Driveway Experts full paving services are available to residential and commercial properties in Ottawa and throughout Ontario.

Our workmanship reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail. We take special care around flower beds, sidewalks, cement, garage doors, etc. After completing the job, your site will be tidy, clean and attractive. Weather permitting we finish on time and within budget. All paving jobs include a minimum one year written guarantee.

In order to maximize the life of your asphalt parking lot, it is important to speak with a professional that can plan routine inspections and ongoing preventative maintenance. Maintenance for asphalt pavement includes the following: 

Skin patching

Skin patches are patches generally 1 inch or less in thickness. Skin patches are often used to fill depressions, in which case the patch could be as thick as 3-4 inches.

A skin patch goes over the existing pavement and is only used when the base has not failed. This allows for drainage or for a low budget short term fix. Usually skin patched areas are used to improve the appearance of pavement or to stop water penetration.


Resurfacing an area involves the placement of one or more asphalt overlays on top of existing pavements. A hot mix asphalt overlay can include a leveling course to even out the pavement surface and a second uniform course to provide the necessary thickness. Resurfacing in parking lots generally requires only one overlay.

When preparing pavements for resurfacing, the base must be blown or swept completely clean in order for a tack coat to adhere. This tack coat will ensure that the new pavement sticks to the older asphalt surface.
Crack Filling

Ottawa Driveway Experts offers Hot Applied Elastomeric (Rubber) Crack and joint sealing. We have found that cold pours simply can’t perform well enough in Ontario. This process usually goes hand and hand with seal coating. Generally the pavement is cleaned, crack sealed and Micro Pave 2000 seal coat is applied. We recommend that if a pavement is cracked it be inspected every year. Any new cracks that have formed or old cracks that have reopened should be resealed, especially before winter sets in. The intrusion of water into pavement is bad news. Water destroys pavement. It breaks down the rock properties and softens the sub-grade (clays and soils) causing eventual pot holes and pavement failures. When water enters a crack and freezes, it expands and either causes the asphalt to explode or crack further eventually resulting in a pot hole and further failures.

Most customers agree that black lines of crack fill in a roadway or parking lot are not attractive. They will even look worse than the cracks themselves (unless a fresh coat of sealer is applied for uniform color). However, the alternative of not crack sealing can be devastating economically in the long run.